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Firebowl and BBQ Smokeless Firepit Fuego Lujo Blackline 49Ø

Firebowl and BBQ Smokeless Firepit Fuego Lujo Blackline 49Ø

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A Firebowl BBQ that gives no to hardly any smoke!

All this in a modern and stylish look that steals the show in any garden or terrace.
How it works:
The smokeless fire bowl BBQ Fuego Lujo has a double-walled system which ensures, that airflow and the combustion process are maximised. The vents at the bottom let in oxygen and, at the same time, direct hot oxygen between the walls of the Fuego Lujo and back into the fire. This results in much better combustion and little to no smoke. Due to the much better combustion, small particles like smoke are also burnt through the ventilation openings at the top on the inside.

With the practical removable ash pan, you have little work with the fire bowl.

Complete ! The smokeless BBQ Fuego Lujo comes complete with:

- BBQ Baking grid 48x40cm. (removable)
- Holder for the BBQ Baking Grid. (removable)
- Storage bag 

- Diameter 49cmØ
- Total height 52 cm

- Black with silver interior

So whether you want to light a cosy fire or cook a delicious evening meal in your garden , terrace or at the campsite, anything is possible with the Fuego Lujo.

And all this without you (or your neighbours) being bothered by smoke.

Watch the short video here!


How do I light my Plancha Grill?

Start with kindling wicks and kindling wood and let it burn well for a while. Then you can add oak logs, for example, and when they burn well, push them under the rim so that the heat is well distributed.

The process takes about 45 min. Will people be visiting? So make sure you take plenty of time to light the plancha.

Remarkably, it consumes relatively little wood because the fire is not completely open. It is advisable to grease the plate with olive oil the first few times (for metal plancha plates), so it will darken nicely. Later, it is best to take oil with a high burn rate, such as sunflower oil.


  • Fire starter woks
  • Fire starter wood
  • Place oak blocks under the Plancha steel plate
  • Take your time!


  • Excellent hot plate that can be baked directly on
  • Relatively low wood consumption
  • No large open fire (safer than open fire)

Maintenance tips

Maintenance tips:

After use, pour hot water over the rim

Loosen sticky/baking residue with a brush

After cooling, rub in sunflower oil or olive oil

After cooling down, pull over protective cover

The origin

As a designer and importer, my hobby is barbecue. The BBQ Plancha is a relatively new and emerging trend in Europe. And as someone who loves being outdoors, actually all year round, a plancha is a great piece of furniture for the garden where I can bake, chat and warm up with my family and friends around it.

Extensively tested

The products are developed by RJR Royal Living with exceptional care and tested with and by BBQ and Grill fanatics!

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For Germany, France, Austria and Spain, it averages 2-4 working days.


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Laszlo Horvath
Hele mooie vuurschaal voor een scherpe prijs.

Vuurschaal is heel fraai en brand goed met weinig rookvorming.
Contact met deze winkel en de klantenservice is bijzonder goed. Beveel deze van harte aan.