How do I bake in oil on my BBQ Plancha plate?

Finally! Your BBQ Plancha Grill has arrived and you feel like baking.

As you have already noticed, we have many Plancha models with a thick steel plate, what should you do when first using your Plancha grill?

Step 1

Put the wood in the bowl of the plancha and light it well with wood wicks (8/10 works well). Make sure the wood is well lit and let the fire burn away the factory oil well (make sure this is really gone) throw in some wood if necessary. After 25/ 30 minutes of good burning it will be gone. (replenish wood as needed)

Step 2

Get olive oil and pour that on some kitchen paper, then smear it (lightly) on the plate! And wait until that is well absorbed/burnt away. (As it forms a non-stick coating on your steel Plancha plate). This takes 10-15 minutes.

Step 3

After the olive oil is well absorbed, you can repeat step 2. Take 10-15 minutes. After repeating step 2, you are ready to bake!

Step 4

Place your meat on the plate and start experiencing the amazing Plancha. Frying will be easy and you will enjoy it, should the meat stick a bit? Pour some olive oil on a piece of kitchen roll and rub it in where needed.

Do you have any questions?

Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to help!