What is a plancha grill?

The Plancha phenomenon comes from the south of Spain and if you have been there, you will see dishes "A la Plancha" on the menu everywhere. Which literally means "From the plate".

A BBQ Plancha is a combination of a barbecue and a plancha, so you get the experience and the smoky flavour, but no direct fire, so much healthier and lots more possibilities!

Advantages of a plancha bbq grill:

  1. Many options of baking / grilling / steaming / cooking and boiling (for the real BBQ-Boys!)
  2. Experience and smoke flavour
  3. No direct fire
  4. Healthier
  5. Cosier

For instance, you can also work with marinades or alcohol (try a steak quenched with Jack Daniels or red wine!) to give your meat any flavour you like. Frying a pancake is no problem either.

The plate can heat up to 350 degrees and distributes heat across the plate. This sears your steak instantly and retains all the juices much better.


'The phenomenon "A la plancha" comes from the south of spain and means "from the plate".'