Origin of RJRoyal Living BBQ Planchas

As a designer and importer, my hobby is barbecue. The BBQ Plancha is a relatively new and emerging trend in Europe. And as someone who loves to be outside, actually all year round, a plancha is a great piece of furniture for the garden where I can bake, chat and warm up with my family and friends around it.

Many prices in the market are very high and so with all the accumulated experience, the idea came to offer affordable planchas with more like excellent price/quality.

The big difference is, we directly import and design ourselves and with no middleman with minimal costs ( No representatives, expensive premises, high marketing, advertising and branding costs) we can offer our products directly to consumers. We also make all products shippable, so we can deliver every customer in Europe quickly.

The ultimate goal is that we get everyone on the BBQ Plancha and make sure, that it remains affordable.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media for all the new products to come.

BBQ Boys