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RJRoyal Living is; as the name indicates: for anyone who wants to live more luxuriously. We have an affordable and high-quality range of BBQ Planchas and what we are most proud of, the BBQ Plancha Grill Compañero XXL Corten steel

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By appointment on Saturday, our team is present on location in Drunen, Netherlands (Alcoalaan 8a), where you can see and experience all our models LIVE. (Also available on weekdays by appointment).

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  • What is a BBQ Plancha Grill?

    The Plancha phenomenon comes from the south of Spain and if you have been there, you will see dishes "A la Plancha" on the menu everywhere. Which literally means "From the plate".

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  • Lighting BBQ Plancha Grill

    Start with kindling wicks and kindling wood. Then you can add oak logs and when they burn well, push them under the rim so that the heat is well distributed.

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  • Maintenance BBQ Plancha Grill

    With a steel plate, it is super easy to scrape off all the dirt with a steel spatula. Once your BBQ Plancha has cooled down, don't forget to grease the plate with olive oil. This will prevent any rusting!

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  • What is a Firepit?

    A fire bowl is a bowl or container in which you can burn wood and, provided it has a barbecue grill, prepare delicious food. It provides warmth, light and cosiness.

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  • Lighting Firebowl / Firepit

    Lighting a fire bowl is done with the right preparation. Use kindling wicks and kindling to make a small fire.

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  • Firebowl Fire Pit Maintenance

    To properly maintain a fire bowl, it is important to empty it the day after use and cover it with a cover. This way, it will be ready to use again before the next time.

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